H.O.E. Farms

Heaven On Earth


Heaven on Earth Farms is nestled on 15 rolling acres. The beautiful barn is clean and quiet, providing a peaceful atmosphere for your horse to recover or retire without the stresses of a busier barn. There is plenty of grass turnout for days of grazing in the sun, and a tidy barn for relaxing at night. Stalls are a comfortable 12 X 12 so your horse has plenty of room to stretch out. Our spacious 75 X 180 arena provides plenty of room for the exercise or rehab program your horse needs, and great well-maintained footing for your riding enjoyment.

In addition to being situated to enjoy the summer breezes in the barn, we have 2 industrial ceiling fans, that keep the barn nice and cool in the summer as well as fans for each stall. There is a large rubber matted wash rack with warm and cold water for safe bathing and hosing.