H.O.E. Farms

Heaven On Earth


Your equine partner has given you all they have to offer during their productive years. Give your precious partner the gift of luxury retirement at Heaven On Earth Farms for the rest of his or her life.

Horses boarded at H.O.E. Farms live in comfortable 12x12 matted stalls and are turned out daily in roomy individual turnout or in a group on grassy pastures. Stalls get cleaned daily, and horses are fed 2-3 times a day. We feed grain and hay, as well as any supplements or medications you provide for your horse. Enjoy riding year round in our large 75x180 indoor arena, or take a little trail ride around the property. Boarding here is all about relaxation and enjoyment!

We have 2 industrial ceiling fans that keep the barn nice and cool in the summer, as well as fans for each stall. There is a large rubber matted wash rack with warm and cold water for safe bathing and hosing.

We have a heated and air conditioned club room for climate controlled storage or just hanging out at the barn.

Board is $550.00 per month

A Pony's Birthday
A happy boarder
Another happy boarder