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Heaven On Earth

About Us

Barn managers Don and Leslie Beeftink live on the premises and have a combined 20 plus years of experience in horse care. Leslie has been a veterinary technician for 35 years and has owned horses, dogs and cats. Don has been caring for our horses for the last 5 years and manages to keep our property looking and operating beautifully. Don and Leslie have 2 draft horses, Norman and Pearl, that they enjoy driving and using for chores around the farm. They also have several older, now retired horses, receiving the tender loving care that senior horses deserve.

Yoda is our retired Hunter/Jumper pony who has taught many young equestrians. We celebrated his 40th birthday this year. He is quite content to live in the barn with his other retired friends and eat a soft diet, because his teeth have expired.

Goose was brought to Heaven On Earth in 2005. A retired school master with a few health problems, he had EPM and had foundered, but recovered nicely from both to become a pasture pal and nice trail horse for us. He turned 23 this year and is now enjoying his golden years. He does get to carry small visitors around that want to sit on a horse for pictures.

Teddy, our 20 year old Thoroughbred, suffered a stifle injury and has been here since 2011. He is a retired dressage horse. His owner travels extensively and enjoys coming to visit when she can. Teddy will always put on a show for a carrot or apple.

Chloe, our pretty Paint girl, who is also 20 now, had a career ending bout with EPM about 5 years ago and she has been with us since. She’s as sweet as they come and has become the “love of Teddy’s life”. The two horses have become the “married couple” here at the barn.